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There are only two basic containers for nasal sprays: the pressurized canister and the pump bottle.  When it comes to what’s inside, though, you’d better be certain you have the right one.  Nasal sprays are used for a variety of symptoms, and their ingredients differ for each one. Antihistamine nasal sprays are used by sufferers of allergic rhinitis (the allergic inflammation of the nasal airways).  Antihistamines work to block the receptor sites of histamines, which are the naturally-produced chemicals that cause inflammation.  Astelin and Patanase are the best-known antihistamine nasal sprays, and are available by prescription only. Topical decongestant nasal sprays can be purchased over-the-counter in the United States.  They may include oxymetazoline or phenylephrine/neo-synephrine, both of which constrict blood vessels in the nasal lining to open up passages.  Doctors recommend against using these sprays for too long, thoughthey’re known to damage the mucous membranes and cause rhinitis medicamentosa, or renewed and increased inflammation. Corticosteroid nasal sprays treat the same symptoms as antihistamine sprays, including sinusitis, hay fever, and rhinitis.  These sprays don’t block histamines; rather, corticosteroids are steroid hormones that are used to treat a variety of conditions.  These can include brain tumors, skin diseases, asthma, and more.  As with any steroid, corticosteroid sprays are not without their dangers.  Common side effects include headaches and nose bleeds. Natural nasal sprays are unmedicated and available for purchase at any drug store or supermarket.  The most common kind are saline sprays, which are used to moisturize dry nostrils.  Certain nasal sprays have been shown to protect against airborne respiratory infections.  Other common ingredients in natural nasal sprays are capsaicin, tea tree, and turmeric.  SinuSoothe also includes cumin oil, cinnamon oil, frankincense oil, ginger oil, and manuka oil.  Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s untestedthese ingredients have been proven in clinical test to have medicinal properties.  Capsaicin especially is proven to reduce substance P, a neuropeptide found in the brain and spinal cord that causes inflammation and pain. When using a nasal spray, Click Here, always blow your nose gently beforehand to remove any unnecessary obstruction.  Breathe out slowly, then breathe in slowly as you begin to squeeze the canister or pump.  Be careful not to sneeze out afterwards.

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Keeping a child healthy does not simply involve regular visits to the pediatrician and timely inoculations, but requires parents to vigilant about all areas of their child’s health. Learn more about how to take care of your children’s nasal health right here.

If your child constantly has the sniffles, do not put off a visit to the doctor. Prolonged nasal congestion could be indicative of allergies or could lead to the development of more severe conditions like asthma.

Parents should also know the difference between normal nose drainage Read more »

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Which Nasal Spray Is Best For Your Health

The type of nasal spray you use really helps to make the difference in how you feel each day. More and more people need to use nasal spray because of allergies and congestion that they might deal with due to the season or by just being around an animal with dander. The best way to choose the right nasal spray is to utilize the Internet to read customer top rated reviews. People will sometimes rate and review products they have used and this gives you an idea of how well Read more »

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What Medications Are Best For Nasal Health

You have to figure out what kind of nasal problem you are having before you can decide how to treat it. Allergies can cause a person to sneeze, have a running nose or become congested and develop a sinus infection. Of course, a cold or the flu can cause the same symptoms and lead to the excessive mucus production and other respiratory complications. The treatment for each, however, would require different medications.

You can get relieve from allergy symptoms by taking antihistamines.I was looking for more Read more »

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Tips On Taking Care Of Your Nasal Health

Most people just enjoy life and never give the idea of breathing through their nose a second thought. But for the people who have a problem with this because of allergies , infection, or nasal deformities, it is a constant problem.

There are things you can do to improve the way you breath and take care of your nasal passages. They are easy and inexpensive.

There are several irrigation systems on the market. You do not need a prescription to buy one. By using this simple process every day, you can keep your nasal Read more »

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What Are The Advantages Of Nasal Health

One area of total body health care that is often ignored includes nasal health. There are numerous advantages of nasal health. Drainage from the nose can irritate the entire body and make things like asthma and rhinitis worse. Protecting and practicing proper nasal health should help improve the health of the entire body.

What a nasal wash can do to improve health is clean mucus from the nose. This should help make medication more effective and breathing easier. It is also important to clean irritants and allergens from the nose. This should make you Read more »

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What Are The Benefits Of Nasal Health

Nasal health is often wrongly overlooked when trying to maintain one’s health. Many people don’t even think twice about their nose until it’s stuffed up, making it harder to breathe. Don’t make the same mistake; good nasal health is very important.

Most physicians recommend their patients clean their nasal passages daily, with a nose spray or warm steam. A high quality saline nose spray or solution can help rinse the irritants and allergens out of your nose. Also, a hot shower or warm, moist compress over the nose will help loosen any Read more »

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You might think that the choice between breathing through your nose or through your mouth is simply one of convenience. However, several doctors have stated the benefits of nasal breathing over breathing through the mouth. Today, wireless internet service makes it easier than ever to find health information no matter where you are, although you should always consult with your own doctor if you have any serious questions. With that in mind, here is some food for thought:

  • Air travelling through the environment through the sinuses rather than the throat. The sinuses are well-known to be better at filtering air than the mouth.
  • The smaller size of the sinuses helps to create lung pressure when you exhale. This makes it easier for the lungs to extract oxygen.
  • Losing carbon-dioxide too quickly will affect the blood’s pH. Read more »

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Sneezing your eyes out

Many people have heard the urban legend that keeping your eyes open while sneezing will literally pop them out of your head. Is there any truth to this rumor?Absolutely notthe legend is just that. The force of a sneeze is nowhere near strong enough to dislodge an eyeball. If it were, the human eyelid wouldn’t be strong enough to keep it in. Furthermore, eye sockets are not even connected to the nasal passages. Eyelids close during a sneeze simply because the ocular and nasal nerves are closely connected. It looks like this rumor will simply have to be put down to someone’s gruesome flight of fancy.

You don’t have to subscribe to humidifier magazines (like Tina Fey’s character “Liz Lemon” on 30 Rock) to recognize their benefits. For those of us who live in areas where the air can become unbearably dry at any time of year, the symptoms are common: dried-out skin, throat pain, itching in the eyes, sinus headaches, and more. The exhaustion that regularly accompanies these feelings can make it hard to search for a solution, but luckily humidifiers can help combat these uncomfortable issues.Buying your first humidifier can be confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Most humidifiers are evaporative or wick models, in which a fan blows in order to evaporate water. The water evaporates more or less quickly based on the humidity of the room, so these models are effective self-regulators, but their wicks can easily become moldy. Read more »